Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It's not the losses, it's the mileage

Distance from Columbus, Ohio to Glendale, Arizona – 1671 miles
Distance from Columbus, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia – 437 miles
Distance from Columbus, Ohio to New Orleans, Louisiana – 789 miles

Number of National Titles to show for 2897 miles – 0


Anonymous said...

Michigan wins over Ohio State since 2001 (7 games) : 1

Michigan wins over Florida since 2003 (2 games): 2

Golly, being Michigan's b*tch hurts so bad you're living vicariously through LSU?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Ohio State fans are now Michigan fans via Michigan wins over Florida.

That would be like Florida fans taunting whoever Florida State has beat in the last couple of years.

Big Ten - Official Loser League of the NCAA

DolFan 316 said...

How about the Big ten somehow looking even WORSE as a conference than last year? At least last year they did take 2 of 3 from the SEC in bowl games.

I love how certain idiots keep parading Michigan's measly 6-point win over a disinterested, unmotivated gators team with possibly the worst D in school history as evidence that the Big ten is somehow better than the SEC when literally *every* other piece of evidence SCREAMS otherwise.

I also love the "Wisconsin barely lost so really it should count as kind of a win" crowd, when last year the Badgers had the ugliest win I've ever seen in football over Arkansas, and *nobody* pointed that out.

Face it Little Eleveners, your conference defies the laws of physics by both sucking and blowing at the same time and is run by a bunch of antiquated, outdated dotards who probably think this is still 1962, not to mention broadcast on a network that almost nobody gets and which debuted by shopwing one of its flagship teams losing to a 1AA opponent. Little Eleven=mid major.

DolFan 316 said...

Damn, I wish you could edit these things, my typing above sucked.

But I think I at least got my point across :-)

HarryB said...

Your smarter than a Dolfin, statistics prove there is no difference in the athletes, it's all about the coaching. Last time I checked the SEC was slowly snapping up all the new young coaching talent from the Ohio valley. I guess it will just take time to get a few of the more premier old school Big Ten programs in gear to increase it's already leading Bowl win statistics.

DolFan 316 said...

Here's some stats for ya HarryB: 41-14. 38-24. Oh, and don't forget 49-24. No difference in the athletes? I humbly beg to differ :-)

Anonymous said...

last 2 seasons in bowls between big ten and sec: 3-3.

last 9 seasons: 14-14.

Face it, y'all just aint that good.

HarryB said...

dolfan 316

gator gezzer stick this in your pipe...

Last ten year Bowl record Florida Gators vs Big Ten. Gators have 4 losses and only 2 wins. Last time Florida was brave enough to play north of the Mason-Dixon Line? 1991 lost to Syracuse 38-21 ouch! please come back we're tired of playing only on your turf..we will kick some butt on you up north.
Last time Florida played an out of conference game outside their own state forever over 5 years at least.

Last time Florida won a game in California over 50 years if ever.
Gator Bowl record in BCS era 7 losses 3 wins ugly man.

All time team record 1979: 0 wins 10 losses 1 tie ouch!