Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Get Jorty!

Here at Saurian Sagacity, we're well aware that SEC "conventional wisdom" considers "Gators" to be a jorts wearin' amalgamation of seedy slackjaws and snaggle tooths! The jort being, of course, the visible metaphor for, and tell-tale evidence of, poor breeding and low class. This has led to a sometimes good natured, sometimes contemptuous pseudo-elitist tendency of our SEC brethren to disdain the Gator Nation.

The "Legend of Jorts" has led to wide internet promulgation of, generally, photo-shopped images of Jorts clad Gators.

Some not.

End results of a wasted photographic career.

But are we REALLY what they say, or are they REALLY what they say we are?

In Saurian Sagacity tradition, we intend to resolve the debate and preserve our pristine reputation for independent, data-based analysis through widespread application of Mergz' innovative use of his phone cam at Disney World.

First, a little Jort history.

Research reveals that to be something of a mystery, like the origin of the Sphinx. Here's what we do know. A fabric known as "serge" was manufactured in Nimes, France. Originally known as "Serge de Nimes," the fabric was commonly referred to as "denim." The contemporary term "jean" derives from Genoa, Italy, where the first denim trousers were manufactured.

But, what is a Jort? Debate rages.

One common definition incorporates any denim short, both the homemade jean "cut off," and the manufactured, hemmed version. The other excludes the homemade "cut off." We're not picky.

November 9 is "Jorts Awareness Day" in Grapevine, TX.

In derogation of the conventional wisdom, Jorts abound in the SEC.

Jortgia! As previously published on Saurian Sagacity.

However, questionable fashion choices may rank low on the list of unsettling Bulldog behaviors.

UGA????? UGH!!!!!!

And, here's 'Bama!!!


And no, that's not the resurrected Bear Bryant descending from heaven to save 'Bama. It's a crow. Stop staring at the sky and pay attention to your game!

To resolve this debate once and for all, Saurian Sagacity has invested a portion of our considerable resources in a free e-mail account from yahoo:


So, don't bring us your tired, your weak or your huddled masses.

Send us pictures (originals if you'd please, I've already seen most of the others) of other SEC fans clad in Jorts.

To be fair, I will keep a running tally of Gator Jorts pix provided by others as well.

The e-mail will be periodically checked and the results periodically updated, as I see fit. I plan on saving all original pix received for future publiction, at least until I hit the free storage quota and have to determine whether or not it's worth the $19.99/yr. for unlimited storage.


Anonymous said...

That will be awesome...i am so sicked and tired of sec fan mocking us especially the UGAy fans.

jj gator said...

Great work; y'all needed to add a little levity!

Gator Duck said...

Did you know that "levity" was coined more than 150 years ago in the American west? Folks in San Francisco came up with it to describe Levi Strauss's sense of humor... :))

jj gator said...

Hate to say this, but the jorts photoshop on that pic of Tebow stands out like a sore thumb.

Hey, I found one of Brett Favre wearing jorts on his NFL Draft Day way back when. If I can find your e-mail addy, KGB, I'll shoot it your way.

Gator KGB said...

I received the Brett Favre photo, but wasn't able to upload it for some reason.

Will continue trying. Was damn funny.

Anonymous said...

why not gmail?

Gator KGB said...

why not snail mail?

Unknown said...

Then quit walking around d looking like mullet wearing trailer trash