Monday, January 07, 2008


What could be more humiliating than losing two consecutive BCS SHAM-pionships to SEC teams by a combined score of 79-31?


PS, LSU has scored 265% more than OSU allowed per game this year. LSU has scored 10 more points than Illinois which had the previous high-water mark against OSU this season with 28.

This has been an ass kicking of epic proportions and if not for that interception of Flynn at the beginning of the 4th quarter it would have been worse.

PPS, OSU scores in garbage time, make it a 79-38 margin over 2 years.

PPPS, LSU scored just over their average of 36.92 (in regulation) and allowed a TD more than the average they had for the season (thanks to that garbage time TD).

OSU scored a TD less than their average while allowing 4 TDs more than their average.

One team performed up to their par, the other should have the FTC investigating them for false advertising.


DolFan 316 said...

The next blog entry you guys make should be an open letter to the BCS to please please PLEASE never include the Buckeyes in the title game again.

The sad part is, they'll beat up on their usual schedule of nobodies (and Michigan) and actually have a good chance of getting back to it again since teams from other BCS conferences actually play at least one or two hard opponents. Let's not forget they got into this title game by sitting back and watching about 5 other teams lose.

But I'm saying even if they go 12-0 I do NOT want them to be in the next title game. The BCS needs to come up with a loophole or something.

Henry Gomez said...

DolFan, that's where you are wrong. We should make this an annual tradition. After OSU takes half a dozen brutal beatings the BCS sham-pionship will eventually be blown up.

DolFan 316 said...

But I can't even stand to watch a third straight OSU brutal beating, let alone half a dozen. I don't think the rest of America can either.

Good lord the Big Ten sucks.

JJ Gator said...

Just like everybody else Ohio State needs to take it on the chin. Hey, shit happens and they lost.

Dolfan, never mind the "BCS needs to take a loophole or something". We need a PLAYOFF system in place instead of this ridiculous crap we have right now. Enough is enough.

DolFan 316 said...

Oh I agree about a playoff. I'm just saying that since a playoff will obviously not be instituted anytime soon that the BCS should just refuse to put the Suckeyes in any more title games.

JJ Gator said...

Mike Celizic wrote a very good article at MSNBC today (11/9/08) furthering the argument that there should be a playoff instead of the BCS; I'd recommend everybody go over to and read it. This BCS insanity needs to stop.

FWIW, MSNBC's also running a poll about a playoff vs.the BCS; by the time I voted 89% of respondents were in favor of a playoff.

All being said, will the powers-that-be finally decide to do what's right and institute a playoff system? Only time will tell.

DolFan 316 said...

The stupid Big Ten (along with the Pac 10) will always stubbornly hold out against a playoff to preserve their precious Rose Bowl I'm afraid. Which is yet another reason why the Big Ten champ should forever be barred from the BCS title game.