Thursday, January 31, 2008

All American Football League

Yeah, it probably won’t be very good football.

And yeah, the fact I actually bought season tickets just proves I’m a total sucker for all things Gainesville.

But this new league might actually be a lot of fun.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, the All American Football League is a professional league based on the traditions and excitement of the college game. The six inaugural teams have a definite college flavor, and generally play in the college stadium of their associated school. The six founding teams are –


However, the part of the concept that is really intriguing to me – and exciting – is the emphasis on including former college players on their respective teams. Former Gators playing for Florida include –

Bailey, Cory
Cohens, Willie
Crum, Brian
Davis, Judd
Doering, Chris
Gurley, Sheddrick
Hardmon, Bam
Harris, Travis
Jackson, Willie
Lamar, Johnny
Leach, Matt
Leak, Chris
McGriff, Travis
Rissler, Steve
Small, OJ
Weary, Fred
Williams, Elijah
Zedalis, Zac

Some pretty interesting names in that list, including several (like Weary) with NFL experience. Also very interesting to see Chris Leak back at Florida field.

There are also several former ‘Canes on the Florida team, and a scattering of other schools.

As for the head coach, it is none other than Shane Matthews. Now, I’m not really sure what qualifies Matthews to be a head football coach, but its nice to see this Gator great coming home to Gainesville.

It is also interesting that the league requires all of its players to have earned a four year college degree.

Will it be like the SEC when we play teams like Tennessee? I doubt it. But it will still be great to be in Gainesville on a spring day watching football.

The 2008 schedule is here. Tickets are reasonably priced, and the 2008 season includes Florida "home" games at Jacksonville and Tampa in addition to the Swamp.

As of yet it does not appear the team has a mascot, so “Go ________s!”


Tuesday Afternoon said...

FWIW... Peter Warrick.

jamie a. said...

this is really great actually....i never knew this existed, but now i'm excited. we get to punk freddie milons perhaps!

mlmintampa said...

I'm glad they get a game in Tampa, but the team should really stay in Gainesville. Is Foley that worried the team is going to rip up the field and interfere with baseball and tennis?

Robes said...

FYI... I read in the St. Pete Times that "Lee McGriff", I think they meant Travis McGriff, has left his position of chairman of the team citing "deep concerns" with the league. It goes on to mention that he is a former Gator receiver.

I can't find the link, but this isn't a good sign.

AAFLfan said...

During the Player Draft, different people with the AAFL explained what it's all about. See it for yourself:

scottyd said...

You guys can be clueless! How can you say it won't be good football. These are some of the best players to play the college game. Yes it won't be the NFL but it will be professional with only the best available playing.
Thereare some GREAT players left off rosters every year. Does that mean they suck? No!
This will be similar to AA-AAA baseball which is pretty darn good!
Quit making foolish suppositions and support the league.
Some of you can be so negative it's pathetic.
Meanwhile I'm going to go out and watch some good football.
By the way, the UFL will be making an announcement soon with a team in Orlando going after NFL players.
Say hello to August Friday night football and the UFL!
Scotty D

Anonymous said...

Hmm ... 6 teams and a lot of not the best players?
That reminds me of NFLEurope.

If that thing is the reason why we can´t watch live football in europe anymore all i can do is ROFL. ^^

OMG, I really hope you enjoy it.
It´s just sad, that there is nothing else than america and of course money in the head of some guys.

a former Rhein Fire Fan

LeftLeaningLady said...

Good football or not, I will see you there! I bought my tickets the afternoon of the AAFL draft! First home game, 26 April. I am there!