Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Year that was

In 2007 I kept my Gator home streak alive that dates back to the beginning of this century, as I have not missed a Florida home game since at least 2000. Considering I live in South Florida this is no small feat of endurance. 2007 also saw me make my 22nd consecutive World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party which, in speaking of endurance, takes more physical effort than 7 games in Gainesville.

2007 was a year of great highs (Tennessee, FSU and that Heisman) and lows (Auburn again, LSU and Georgia). Here are a couple of my favorite snapshots of the year that was -

Victory over Tennessee on the hottest damn day I can remember in the Swamp. Who knew then that the Vols were bound for the SEC Championship game?

Yes that says "59 to 20"

Mrs Mergz gets ready for Auburn

The loss to Auburn was all my fault. (Note the kicker Byrum's father at my tailgate)

Jonathan Tu of 82 Sluggo Win lived the dream of all true college fans, touring the nation over a 3 month period seeing more than 25 college games in person (and only getting arrested once!). Here Jon pays the first of his two visits to Gator games at Auburn (Jon is 2nd from right, Mergz 3rd)

My little Gator made 4 games this year

The Mergz' prepare to do battle with Georgia. In the background is our newest tailgating addition, a fully loaded camper van (generator, satellite TV, and best of all – a bathroom!) affectionately named “Fat Boy”

Jon Tu stops by at the Georgia pre-game tailgate. Jon went 0-2 at Florida games this year. Jon is never invited back.

FSU - "Fat Boy" set up and ready to go, the calm before the tailgate storm (8 hours pregame, that is)

The storm

The reserved parking alone makes it worth it to be a Bull Gator

Four in a row baby.


JJ Gator said...

That scoreboard pic showing our latest win over the cheaters at the School Out West is a beautiful sight, Mergz.

Urban Meyer's on a huge roll. Three wins in a row over the Vols and St. Booby, an SEC title and National Championship in his second year, a Heisman winner in his third - and he's far from being done yet. Damnit, we better do whatever it takes to keep him in Gainesville!

Now let's cap this season off with 10 wins, get revenge for the "Rex was open" loss in 2002 by beating Michigan and take a shot at our 3rd National Title in 2008!

GO GATORS!!!!!!!

Gator Boys said...

Is that where you tailgate every year??? I might come by sometime. Good blog

Senator Blutarsky said...

I got a kick out of the "Gators for Richt" shirt, Mergz.

A group of us wore "Dawgs for Zook" shirts at the '04 WLOCP. We got more appreciative comments from Florida fans than we did from Georgia fans.

Hope your guys take care of business against Michigan.

Mergz said...

gatorboys - that has been the spot for about 5 years now.

Senator - and ya'll take care of Hawaii too. I can't think of any two SEC games with more "downside" than UFs and UGAs.

Gator Duck said...

Sweet pics, Mergz. Thanks for sharing the memories.

mlmintampa said...

You are living the dream my friend. Before the FSU game, my friends and I (all 24 or younger) were talking about how our dreams are to have enough money to own a camper and be a Bull Gator. But, we want a spot in the commuter lot on North-South.