Monday, December 10, 2007


We received a little commentator criticism, rightly I suppose, for our failure to post immediately on the overwhelming universal triumph that is TIM TEBOW, and his Heisman win.

Well, the reason for the failure to post Sunday (or even late Saturday) was Tequila. And, a couple of expensive bottles of red wine. You see, I was celebrating Tebow’s win, with some really nice sipping tequila. Well, more than just “some”.

Does this go with Tequila? We know the answer.

Ergo, Sunday was not to be a posting day. But now that we are back on our game, a couple of other fun facts besides Tebow being the first sophomore to win the Heisman –

- With 3 award winners, Florida now reigns supreme among SEC and state schools in Heismans. Which is pretty remarkable considering the relatively recent success of the Gators vis-à-vis other historic SEC powers. By SEC and state of Florida school we now have the following –

Florida (3)

Tebow – 07’
Weurffel – 96’
Spurrier – 66’

Auburn (2)

Jackson – 85’
Sullivan – 71’

Florida State (2)

Weinke -00’
Ward – 93’

Georgia (2)

Walker – 82’
Sinkwich – 42’

Miami (2)

Testaverde – 86’
Torretta – 92’

LSU (1)

Cannon – 59’

South Carolina (1)

Rogers – 80’

- Florida now places behind only Notre Dame, Ohio State, USC, and Oklahoma in Heisman winners. UF is tied with Army, Michigan and Nebraska.

- Religious connection? Spurrier and Weurffel were minister’s sons, while Tebow is the son of missionaries.

- The SEC has suffered a recent comparative “drought” in Heismans, with the last one before Tebow actually being Weurffel 11 years ago.

- Everyone knows the only 2 time winner to be Ohio State’s Archie Griffin. Tebow will certainly have the opportunity to match that.

-Finally, for you numerologists, Tebow’s win was actually “off schedule”. Spurrier won in 66’, which happened to be the 60th year of Florida football (1906). Weurffel then won in 96’, the 90th year of Florida football, or 30 years after Spurrier. According to the numbers, the next UF winner should have been in 2011, 15 years after Weurffel in the 105th year of Florida football.

But Tebow is stronger than any numerology nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Fact: John Heisman is a candidate for the Tim Tebow Trophy.

Senator Blutarsky said...

Mergz, I've never had any "nice" tequila.

Tequila that tasted good - sure. But it's never been nice to me.

Mergz said...

Point taken Senator.

We were sipping Don Julio 1942 Anejo, a "good tasting" tequila. In fact, it was excellent tasting.

It wasn't nice though, especially come daylight.

JJ Gator said...

Champagne tasted better after it was announced that Tim won the Heisman, just like it did after the NC win last year.

DolFan 316 said...

Now this is more like it :-)

JJ Gator is right, champagne *did* taste pretty good after the title win. Must've been why I drank a whole bottle of it.

Gator Duck said...

I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to witness the last 2 years.

JJ Gator said...

Jim ("Gator Duck"), we're likely looking at two more years of Tebow at UF; his priorities seem to be on his graduating above football, and I don't see him bailing on the Gators to enter the NFL before he finishes school.

I hope as far as UF is concerned Tebow's Heisman win has a positive impact on our receuiting for 2008 and beyond. For Meyer it's another accomplishment; add coaching a Heisman winner in Year 3 to his having won the NC and an SEC title in his second year at UF.

AND - I hope Gator football gives me many more reasons to drink champagne in the years to come - trust me, it's the best state of being drunk!

GO GATORS!!!!!!!!

Ken said...

Don't forget for the numerologist section that each the previous winners (Spurrier, Wuerffel and Tebow) had prime # and each are 4 numbers away from each other: 7, 11, 15. Harvin needs to change is # to 3 or 19... :)

Mergz said...

While 15 isn't a prime number, the 4 number away from each other thing is gold, pure gold Jerry.

Ken said...

Doh! In my excitement I forgot my elementary math - let's leave it at odd numbers... (although Prime was cooler)