Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sylvester Croom – The Best Deal in the SEC

Coach’s salaries aren’t necessary what they seem to be when you are talking about “bang for your bucks”.

On a per-win basis, Sylvester Croom of Mississippi State was the best deal in the SEC last season at just over $139,000 per win. The worst deal? Well that would be Nick Saban of Alabama, of course, who cost the Tide nearly $584,000 per win in 2007, more than $200,000 per game-per win than Florida’s own Urban Meyer in second place.

The final tally (no information available for Vanderbilt’s Johnson b/c Vandy is a private school) –

While Ed Orgeron might have seemed like a “deal” at only $900,000 a year, on a per-win basis he was more expensive than South Carolina’s Spurrier who made nearly $1.8 million, and only won 6 games. And Les Miles, who is getting ready to compete for a MNC, is a steal at only $165,000 per win.

Of course, I see absolutely no irony in the fact that Croom – an Alabama man passed over by the Tide for Shula – cost Mississippi State $444.580.96 less per win than ‘Bama paid Saban – and one of those wins was over Alabama.

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