Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Canonization of Saint Ron the Martyr continues

From the Chicago Tribune:

Misfortune at Florida

Zook took over at Florida when Steve Spurrier left for the NFL, and Zook was fired after 2 1/2 stormy seasons. If he was looking for validation, surely he received it last January when Florida won the national championship with 22 of 24 starters who had joined the Gators while Zook was the coach.

He said he receives countless e-mails from Florida fans and reporters saying they misjudged him -- his teams were 8-5, 8-5 and 4-3 when he was fired after an upset loss to Mississippi State.

But he still bristles a bit when talking about how it all ended, after Zook came to some players' defense at a campus fraternity and traded words with frat members.

"They had to have an excuse for why they fired me, so they said it was discipline," Zook said. "Well, if they would have thought about it, look at what we did those last four games."

Florida won three of its last four games under Zook, including a victory at Florida State the day the Seminoles named their field for coach Bobby Bowden.

"If we weren't a disciplined team, you couldn't have done it," Zook said. "That team stuck together, they rallied around it; we won the last three games. It was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.
Give me a minute to clean the vomit from the sides of my mouth...

Ok, that's better. People ask me why I continue to harp on Ron Zook. Tripe like the above is why. Zook was and is a loser and an idiot. All UF did was give him a chance to coach as head man for the first time in his career and make him very rich in the process. They gave him the runner-up in the Heisman voting, the player he thought it might be cool to throw a pass to, down by 8, late in a bowl game. Idiot and loser. That's why he got fired.

if Zook gets any credit for UF BCS title last year then Ron Turner MUST get credit for recruiting 10 of the 22 starters on this year's Illini team.


Anonymous said...

Henry, my summary of Zook the Coach is:

He wins games he shouldn't win and loses games he shouldn't lose. That means he is better of at a second tier Illinois.

Gator Duck said...

I had to clear the barf from my mouth when I read that article as well. Not only did the U of F give him the opportunity of a lifetime and make him a multi-millionaire, but he and his army of apologists continue to bash the U of F, it's students, alumni and fans. NEVER a word of gratitude. Until he shows some gratitude for his good fortunes, I cannot wish him well. I hate the perenially over-rated USC Trojans, but I will be rooting for them to destroy the Illini.

JJ Gator said...
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JJ Gator said...

Henry and Jim, that's three of us who regurgitated over reading that bullshit from a likely Zook apologist at the Chicago Trib. Sure the Zookites wish those of us in the anti-Zook camp would cease our ranting, but when Zook decides to let bygones be bygones and stop whining over his firing that he brought all on himself we'll hold our peace.

The "Fratgate" indicent he alleges coming to the aid of his players could have escalated into something much more serious than just a confrontation of words and his "f" bomb. It was a dangerous situation, and an embarrassment to himself, UF and our football team.

And those final four games? We only won because Zook finally pulled his head out of his ass after the firing was announced, let his assistants off their tight leashes and actually allowed them room to coach and make adjustments. Yeah Zook beat f$u in Tally that night, but only in a lame-duck capacity (same with South Carolina).

I really hope we beat Michigan on New Years' Day to avenge that loss due to Zook's stupidity - that's why I was eager to see us get matched up against them in a bowl this year - and I also hope the Men of Troy give the Fighting Zooks a serious reality check by beating the living shit out of them in the Rose Bowl.

Zook is not only an idiot and a loser, he's a WUSS if he can't accept the fact that he failed at Florida and is still trying to fester sympathy from others over what happened. HE'S the one who needs to let it go and move on!

JJ Gator said...

Henry, I read more of that article at the Chicago trib website - funny thing, the Zooker was under suspicion of some illegal recruiting practices only to have his name "cleared" by an "investigation" done by the Illinoise AD. If later on he's discovered actually breaking NCAA rules regarding recruiting, I won't be surprised.

ALSO - read at the Sporting News that Mike Locksley was interviewed for the vacancy at West Virginia. I'd love to see Lox get it and bail on Illinoise - but if that happens, moRon Zook better keep his smelly ass out of Gainesville and not come "begging" for an assistant like he did the last time he had five of his staff leave in 2005!

So the Zook apologists want us to stop bashing Zook? When he decides to leave UF alone and stop (1) assailing us in the media and (2) crossing our path THEN we'll cool our jets!

Not only is Zook an idiot and a loser - he's an asshat.