Saturday, November 24, 2007

Statement Game

Tebow's line passing: 19 for 28 (67.9%), 262 Yds, 3 TDs, 0 INT.

Tebow's line rushing: 16 for 86 yards, 5.4 Avg., 2 TDs


Anonymous said...

Great game for Tebow but appears Chase Daniel can claim it next week if he again puts up the same numbers he did last time he played Oklahoma in a losing cause. If he wins that game the Heisman Trust would also consider which conference had the stronger defenses this year. Advantage?

Anonymous said...

Which conference had the stronger defense? Are you kidding me??? The Big 12's Ds across the board were mind-numbingly awful.

Tebow was also much more valuable to his team than anyone else was to theirs all season long IMO. And the Gators have a better record than Arkansas. Where was McFadden during the Auburn and Tennessee losses, hmmm?

BTW looks like they held up that season scoring average today :-)

dethwing said...

I'm not going to argue that he should win, because I think it's a silly way to look at it, but I think a good argument can be made that Dennis Dixon was more valuable to the Ducks than any other player is to any other team. With him, they were a dynamic offense. Without him, they get shutout by a reeling UCLA team.

Henry Gomez said...

dethwing, the weakness of that argument is that you can't reproduce the experiment with other teams. Is it Tebow's fault that he remained healthy enough to play in 12 games? What we do know about Tebow is that pretty much the same exact cast around him on offense that Leak had last year he is putting up much better numbers. If Tebow went down and it was up to Cam Newton, I'm afraid we'd be saying the same thing that Ducks fans are saying about Dixon. Except that the voters would be much quicker to disqualify the argument for Tebow because he's a Sophomore.

peachy said...

To expand on that theme - how many top-25 teams could lose their starting QB and still be successful against a competent opponent? That would require having a good running game, strong defense and special teams to take pressure off the offense, a competent backup QB and probably a game-manager type starter so that the team isn't too reliant on him. (In which case he wouldn't be considered a Dixon/Tebow level player anyhow.)

I'm not familiar with the situation of every top-25 team, but looking down the list the only ones that might fit those criteria seem to be VaTech and USC - LSU would have earlier in the season before its defense came undone.

CTG8R said...

In kind of an oddball twist, the whole country got to see Daniel for the whole game, while we missed Tebow's first rushing and first two passing TD's because CBS stayed with Kentucky/Tenn until the end. The country didn't get to see the Florida game until midway through the second quarter.

This gives the national exposure edge to Daniel on the day when most voters are paying the most attention.