Friday, November 23, 2007

The SEC Devours Its Own

In total.

With LSU falling to unranked Arkansas, the mythical national title will reside beyond SEC borders.


NoleCC said...

Devours it's own, typical SEC double-talk. If it were any other conference, SEC homers everywhere would talk about how pathetic said conference is, but when an unranked Arkansas upends LSU we have to hear about how great is the SEC. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This just proves how good the SEC is...truly just another NFL division.

Ohio State sucks because they lost to Illinos...but LSU losing to Ar-kansas just goes to show you how awesome the SEC is.

What a bunch of homers...I laugh in there face.

Anonymous said...


IMHO maybe the phrase hints a little at a bias and sure LSU was likely overrated but overall this blog has striven to be fair in it's conference analysis. A little homerism here and there doesn't hurt. You saw two lethargic SEC defenses today. Maybe LSU was distracted some this week but they certainly didn't come out looking like a team that was contending for a national title game.
I'm focusing on The Game this Kansas-Missouri game, a rivalry with a hype that extends back to pre-Civil War!!! We're talking brutal violence along the borders here... like last years Michigan-OSU game it's as close to that elusive mythical national chamionship game aura as you'll get.

Henry Gomez said...

I laugh in the face of anyone that doesn't know the difference between "their" and "there". If they don't want to accept the quality of the SEC, that's "their" problem.

What we saw tonight was an Arkansas team that is not short on talent, play a very good game against a very good opponent. The problem with Arkansas has been maintaining the consistency. Credit Houston Nutt with that.