Thursday, November 22, 2007

Scalp 'em Q&A

As part of FSU hate week we're doing a Q&A with Bill Kristoph of Scalp 'em. Here's his answers to our questions. Our answers to his questions can be found by clicking here.

1. If Bobby Bowden were to announce his retirement tomorrow, who would you really like to see as your next head coach?

Steve Spurrier. Just kidding. If Bobby retired tomorrow, I'd like to see Jimbo Fisher take over the program. I like a lot of what he is doing, I like a lot of what the coaching staff is doing, and I think Jimbo deserves a shot at it if Bobby retired tomorrow. Hopefully, people wiser than me will make that choice down the road though, and don't be surprised if Mickey Andrews got a year or two of transition if Jimbo bails out before then and Bobby decides to retire.

2. If you HAD TO CHOOSE a team to drop from your schedule, would you choose Miami or Florida (pretend Miami was still in another conference)? Why?

Well FSU doesn't believe in dropping either one of those schools from the schedule, but looking at the University of Florida model, I guess I'd drop Miami. You guys did that pretty well already. ;-) Plus, Miami is the team that has given us fits over the years and cost us a lot of potential national titles in the 80's & 90's. We seem to be fine against the Gators, even when we have a dead-duck-throwing QB named Rix.

3. If you HAD TO CHOOSE one of the following names to live out the rest of your life with would you choose Craphonso Thorpe or De'Cody Fagg? Why?

That's easy, Craphonso goes by Cro... you're never getting away from Fagg. The only thing worse than Fagg's last name was a minor league baseball players I saw years ago, Ethan Fagget. Seriously, someone change that around, it can't be that hard to fill out some paperwork.

4. I haven't seen much of FSU this year because they are playing an unwatchable brand of football, are there any bright spots? Who on your roster gets you excited?

Unwatchable? I thought that Urban Meyer's playing. You guys have six plays right? Tebow Left, Tebow Right, Tebow up the middle, Handoff to Harvin, Throw to Harvin and Punt? That combined with a Verne Lundquist announcing is unwatchable.

As for the Noles, Preston Parker is going to be all over ESPN the next two years. Drew Weatherford isn't flashy, but he doesn't make a lot of mistakes, and the Seminole defensive line is strong when it's healthy. Besides, the Gator D leaves a lot to be desired, which might make the Seminole Offense look better than normal. Who would have thought that the mighty Gators would have a defense ranked below, as SEC fans would say "Thursday Night Thunderstick" Conference teams like Wake Forest, Boston College, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Miami, FSU and Virginia Tech?

5. FSU ranks 79th right now in total offense compared with 75th last year. Wasn't getting rid of Jeffy boy supposed to automatically make FSU's offense much better or is it that Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee can make any offensive coordinator look unqualified?

Xavier who? That kid's 4th on depth chart. As for Drew, he's had his chain jerked around a lot, and all the offensive players took the first 4-5 games to adjust the offensive scheme. There have been flashes of them "getting it" lately, maybe they're due to put it together for the game in Gainesville. It's tough to have an offense when our receivers take plays off, and our highly touted running back has been hampered with injuries most of the year.

6. How did we ever elect this man governor (Charlie Crist is in the middle)?

We? Are you saying you voted for the guy in the middle? Well, in all fairness to Charlie and the voters who put him in, he WAS running against a guy that never showed up to work in D.C. Pick the lesser of two evils I guess?

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