Thursday, November 22, 2007

More FSU fans

Notice how authentic these two squaws are with their souvenir rubber-tipped tomahawks. And the Seminole witch doctors always prescribed a half-yard of frozen margarita and plastic cup of warm domestic draft beer.

Here's Nostradamus predicting a win in 2006 and a perfect season for the noles in 2007

Call the police, the unabomber has escaped prison and has been sighted in a tent outside Ron Zook Field.

Oh and FSU, no one here gets out alive. Yes that's Jim Morrison of Doors fame starring in a promotional film for FSU.


NoleCC said...

Must be a good bit if you guys have responded two days in a row. ;-)

mlmintampa said...

Wait, the FSU commercial starts with a guy being turned down from college? Isn't that how all FSU students begin their college experience?
"The University of Florida regrets to inform you..."