Thursday, November 15, 2007

College Predictor

Here we go again, throwing good sense and sanity to the wind, and reveal the results of our Predictor Model for some select games this weekend.

All points are NEUTRAL FIELD. You may use whatever home field advantage you think is appropriate.

Oregon at Arizona – Oregon + 16
Hawaii at Nevada – Hawaii + 6.4
Ohio State at Michigan – Ohio State + 7.4
Missouri at Kansas State – Missouri + 10.9
Kentucky at Georgia – Georgia + 2.4
Vanderbilt at Tennessee – Tennessee + 5
Miami at Virginia Tech – VT + 11.6
West Virginia at Cincinnati – WVU + 2.3
Boston College at Clemson – Clemson + 2.5

Factoring in some sort of home advantage, the surprise here is an essential “pick ‘em” between West Virginia and Cincinnati.

Remember if it works credit my genius - if not it I bear no responsibility.


Henry Gomez said...

Oh come on. You have to give me the home field number so I can pit you against the machine.

Anonymous said...

Home Field number should be about 2.5, I think is the current conventional wisdom.

But, unless it's 26 points, the system is already down one...

Mergz said...

Holy crap the Predictor missed the boat on Oregon - Arizona.

But so did Vegas.

Henry - I have no idea what home field should be - go with 2.5?