Friday, November 30, 2007

Championship Week Predictor

In an attempt to completely humiliate ourselves, we present the Championship Week Predictor using our Power Rankings.

So that Henry doesn’t rebuke me when he uses the Predictions in his comparative contests, we will use 2.5 points as the home field advantage. Why? Why not we say! (Obviously not applied for “neutral field” games).

And, to further clarify, we are going to show how our picks compare to what Vegas thinks. No guesswork here kiddies – the info is all out there for your consumption in the simplest format available.

Of course if you wager the mortgage money on this and lose, you have only yourself to blame. If you happen to win, I will provide an address at the proper time for the customary percentage of your proceeds.

So away we go!

Friday Night Appetizer

Fresno State at New Mexico State
Predictor Says – Fresno State by 4.6
Vegas Says – Fresno State by 12.5
Take New Mexico State to cover


Virginia Tech v Boston College
Predictor Says – Even (a 0.1 difference)
Vegas Says – Virginia Tech by 4.5
Take Boston College to cover, perhaps win

Tennessee v LSU
Predictor Says – LSU by 6.2
Vegas Says – LSU by 7.5
Take Tennessee to cover

Oklahoma v Missouri
Predictor Says – Missouri by 3.7
Vegas Says – Oklahoma by 3
Upset Special – Take Missouri to win

California at Stanford
Predictor Says – Cal by 7.5
Vegas Says – Cal by 13.5
Take Stanford to cover

Washington at Hawaii
Predictor Says – Hawaii by 11.5
Vegas Says – Hawaii by 14.5
Take Washington to cover

Interesting that the Predictor seems to like all the Dogs (though some more narrowly than others). We will be back next week to accept our share of shame or adoration.

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