Monday, October 22, 2007

Orson, come in Orson

Last night I had an interesting chat about a playoff system with Orson Swindle of Now I love EDSBS and think Orson is one of the best writers out there but I think he's wrong on the national championship issue. One of the comments he made was that what I am proposing (though he didn't have benefit of my proposal at the time) "takes 117 teams and pares the field down to 20 to 40 that can actually compete."

And that's where he is wrong. That's EXACTLY the problem with the current system. If you aren't part of the elite 30-40 teams in college football you won't be able to compete for the game's biggest prize regardless of how good your team might be in a given year. Just ask Boise State from last year or Utah from 2006. If you really analyze what I am proposing you will see that the sacred cows that are the bowl games like Orson's beloved Peach Bowl don't necessarily have to be touched. Those bowl games don't have any bearing on the national championship picture now. And they wouldn't under my proposal either. There would be no difference.

I was hoping to get some reaction from Mr. Swindle but my communicator must be malfunctioning.

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Gator Duck said...

Come in Orson, nanu nanu...

Oh, shazbat.