Wednesday, October 03, 2007

College Football Dream Week

I had referenced this week pre-season (a post I am currently too lazy to look up and link here) as the week of nearly nightly college football action.

I’m one of those college football geeks who can watch a match-up featuring Rice just for the pure NCAAness of it all, and actually look forward to the inane half-time commentary, commentary which usually succeeds in enraging me.

Yes, I seek my own infuriation, as my life is evidently not annoying enough. But I digress. It is College Football Dream Week.

Or, at least something approaching it. We have –


Memphis v Marshall

This one is already in the books with a Memphis win 24-21.


Rice at Southern Miss 8 PM

What else you gonna watch, Kid Nation, you freakin’ loser? Crappy NCAA football is still NCAA football.


Kentucky at South Carolina 7:30 PM

Battle for the top of the SEC East? Are we in a parallel universe? Plus, now that Darth Visor is a Cock (or, if you prefer, still a cock) I love to watch him pitch a fit.


Utah at Louisville 8 PM

Utah put 44 on UCLA. Louisville has the 84th ranked defense. Can you say “Take the over”?

These courses were only the bread, salad, appetizer and palate clearing sorbet, to be followed by Saturday’s main courses, which include –


Wisconsin at Illinois – 12 PM

Something tells me Zook gets the win here which, if coupled with a Florida loss at LSU, will have Illinois with a better record than Florida. Which will lead some snarky commentators pointing that out. So I’m going to clip this line of thought in the bud right here – anyone who suggests somehow Zook is/was/will ever be better than Meyer, you are a retard of the first order. And I will link you to this very post.

The Red River Shootout at 3:30 PM

If you have to ask about this, you cannot afford to be considered a college fan.

Georgia at Tennessee at 3:30 PM

Remaining in our parallel universe, this bizzaro world match-up is for last place in the SEC East. Dawgs and Vols, living together!

Florida at LSU 8 PM

Night game at Death Valley. All my hopes and dreams on the precipice of unsalvageable dashing. I’m going to have to be Cajun drunk to watch this.

Ohio State at Purdue 8 PM

The undefeated Big 11 teams of empirical slowness face off.

Cincinnati at Rutgers 8 PM

Whooo hoooo, Big Easy match-up. Nah, why bother.

Nebraska at Missouri 9:15 PM

Missouri probably gets the win, further devaluing USC’s already tepid accomplishments, but no one will in the national media notice. Unless of course Nebraska wins, which will be dragged like the proverbial bloody shirt as proof of Trojan DOMINATION!

And finally Saturday, for your “fifth meal” (in Tacobellspeak) -

Utah State at Hawaii 12:05 AM

Yes, 12:05 Saturday is technically Sunday. And with the Cajun buzz I will have from the Florida-LSU game, I’m going to sleep through this.

Lastly, for the dessert –


New Mexico State at Boise State 8 PM

Another “over” please Slippery Pete.

So there you have it, week ‘round college football!

Of course, the non-Saturday games are all on ESPN. Can we be sure “The Worldwide Leader” doesn’t have a Vegas connection?

Or, are they just trying to stick it to baseball?


Anonymous said...

Trust me, I'll be pulling for the Badgers in their game against Illinoise. I'll NEVER root for moRon Zook. EVER.

On 10/25/07, I'll be drinking a cocktail to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the firing of Zook. The day we told that schnook that he was getting his walking papers, I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that after three mediocre seasons he was FINALLY getting the boot.

Year2 said...

I remember going to LSU in 2003 with the band. We stayed in New Orleans, and most people went out on the town Friday night to kiss Florida football as we knew it goodbye. On Saturday, they went out on the town to celebrate the rebirth of Gator football as we knew it.

Overly dramatic? Sure, but stranger things have happened...

JJ Gator said...

Any given day...I for one would love to see our kids go into Baton Rouge and pull off an upset win as we are a 9-point underdog. I expect our kids to be more focused this coming Saturday after the Auburn loss and everything else that's transpired (meaning the Tony Joiner incident, which I think was blown out of proportion - I for one hope his charges get dropped.)

Yeah, 2003 wasn't a good year as we were in the midst of the Zook era (of which I'd rather not be reminded), but as far as the LSU series goes it was a good night for our Gators as we had won that night in Death Valley.


Clark said...

Yes, Utah put up 44 against UCLA. They followed that up with a grand total of 0 points against UNLV. Against Louisville, they could score anywhere from 3 to 100 points.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Clark; Steve Kragthorpe is to Louisville what the Zooker was to UF.