Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sorry Charlie!

The BCS Guru is piling on Notre Dame's "Cheeseburger" Charlie Weis at his new blog Berlinzoo:

After going 19-10 in his first two-plus seasons, it's time to take a hard look at what Weis has done. And upon further review, you really have to wonder how the Notre Dame brass feels about that 10-year contract it gave to Weis after he went 5-2 in his first seven games.
He then summarizes what Weis has achieved (3 good wins) and not achieved (9 bad losses or blowouts) and hits Charlie with this:
Well, as Bear Bryant once said, it's still up to the players to play the games. You can blame Willingham's weak recruiting all you want, but Weis a) hasn't "coached them up" to be better than they are; b) hasn't shown that he's made much hay with his own recruits. And as far as the X's and O's stuff, college coaches might not be the rubes that Weis thought they were. Michigan's Lloyd Carr, for example, couldn't beat Appalachian State but has "out-coached" Weis to the tune of 85-21 over the last two years.
But fear not Domers, the Guru says better times are ahead:
Notre Dame will improve next year. One, there's no place to go but up after this season. Two, the schedule is considerably softer, with Pittsburgh, Syracuse and San Diego State replacing Penn State, Georgia Tech and Air Force. Three, Weis and his staff can really concentrate on recruiting this winter, without worrying about another annoying bowl blowout.
Gotta love the Guru. Make sure to see his simulated BCS rankings at

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