Friday, September 28, 2007

How long will "Cheeseburger" Charlie last at ND?

Not long, speculates the Chicago Tribune via SI.Com:

Charlie Weis sure feels pressure now -- particularly as Urban Meyer, who rejected the Notre Dame offer before Weis accepted it, excels as a state-of-the-art coach at Florida. Very quietly, as we see happen every year in the coaching racket, politics will move incrementally to airlift Weis from his South Bend nightmare and into the Meadowlands. The longer he stays, the more sheen he loses from his once-golden reputation. And with the Chicago Public League becoming a recruiting problem zone after the fiasco involving benched quarterback Demetrius Jones, who was used as an unwitting short-term pawn while designated hotshot Jimmy Clausen recovered from injuries, Weis is falling out of favor in too many places.

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