Friday, September 21, 2007

Da U winning its way back to respectability

The Hurricanes of the University of Miami beat Texas A&M in the Orange Bowl and begin to show signs of life in the Randy Shannon era. Though they were officially a slight favorite in Vegas, the Hurricanes offense had sputtered so far this season and A&M was a top 20 team.

Unfortunately for Da U only 44,622 saw the game in person. That's only about 4,000 more than came to see their previous two home games against Marshall and FIU. And I'm betting that difference was made up largely by fans who showed up to root for the Aggies. I hate to keep harping on Miami's poor attendance but it seems that everyone in Miami claims to be a Hurricane fan, especially when they are winning, but nobody goes to the games, especially when they are losing.

Here you have a night game on national TV against a top 20 opponent during the last year of Orange Bowl and you can't draw 50,000 fans?

Ok Miami fans, what's the excuse du jour? Too many activities on a Thursday night? Out on your boats? You were at the Marlins game?

Not buying any of it. The phrase front running phonies comes to mind.

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Anonymous said...

I guess begging doesn't get the fans out either...

Said UM defensive end Calais Campbell of Thursday night's game: 'I want [the Orange Bowl] to be full. That's a big part of the game -- the crowd. When we go to away games the crowds are always full.'