Monday, August 13, 2007

Introducing Blog Swap

This season we're going to try something different to build camaraderie among college football bloggers; we're going to exchange guest posts with a blog representing our opponent for all of our major games (SEC and FSU). It's a chance for us to speak directly to their audience and for them to speak directly to ours. The guest posts will appear on an agreed-upon date during the week leading up to the game in question.

We're sure there will be some good natured ribbing as well as some interesting historical anecdotes. It promises to be fun. We just finalized the schedule and here it is:

Tennessee, Week preceding 9/15: Vol Nation

Ole Miss, Week preceding 9/22: The Hotty Toddy Blog

Auburn, Week preceding 9/29: The Auburner

LSU, Week preceding 10/6: And the Valley Shook!

Kentucky, Week preceding 10/20: A Sea of Blue

Georgia, Week preceding 10/27: Get the Picture

Vanderbilt, Week preceding 11/3: Vanderbilt Sports Line

South Carolina, Week preceding 11/10: Cock & Fire

Florida State, Week preceding 11/24: Scalp 'em

1 comment:

jamie a. said...

i propose somebody send you a case of crayons and connect-the-dots exercises to tide us over on the week preceding 9/29