Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Florida Beats Georgia in 2007

And other “hidden” predictions in’s SEC Conference Report

As they have done for other conferences, has picked the order of finish for the SEC in 2007 entitled “How They’ll Finish”.

I guess if the decree is “How They’ll Finish”, it isn’t really predicting, but seeing the future.

And what future does see?

Well, besides an undefeated LSU team will face (and re-defeat) a 7-1 Florida team for the SEC Title in Atlanta, these other outcomes are preordained by -

- As stated, with a 7-1 (11-1 overall) record, and with LSU being unbeaten, Florida will lose only to LSU on Oct 6th. Sorry Georgia, the streak continues. (Not to mention Florida wins over Tennessee, Auburn, South Carolina and FSU)

-LSU will beat Virginia Tech on September 8th.

- Tennessee will lose to Cal for the opening game ( predicts a 6-2 conference record, but 9-3 overall). Or, somehow Tennessee gets by Cal, but loses to Southern Miss, Arkansas State or Louisiana-Lafayette.

- Tennessee also loses again in the Swamp. Since Mississippi State will go winless, UT will also lose to one of the following – UGA, Alabama, South Carolina, Arkansas, Vandy or Kentucky. One would imagine another loss to UF, and a loss to any of those, will put Fulmer quite firmly in the hot seat.

- Georgia, while losing 3 other conference games besides Florida, will manage to defeat non-conference foes Oklahoma State and Georgia Tech (UGA’s overall predicted record is 8-4).

- Besides losing to UF, Georgia will lose 3 of following 7 conference games - Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, Vandy, Alabama, Mississippi or Auburn. Even if you take losses to “the best” of this group, that will have Richt and Co. losing to Florida, Tennessee, Auburn and Alabama. That will make for a sorry year in Athens.

- South Carolina while losing to Florida, LSU and 3 other conference opponents, will manage to beat rival Clemson.

- Auburn, which is going to go 9-3, will lose 3 conference games (to LSU, Florida and some other), but will beat Kansas State in the opener.

- Vanderbilt and Kentucky will collectively win 4 conference games. We “know” one of those wins will be Kentucky over Miss St. However, Vandy doesn’t play MSU, so they look to upset 2 of the following SEC teams – Alabama, Mississippi, Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky or Tennessee. (We “know” it isn’t Florida, because UF loses only to LSU).

-Mississippi State, said to be embarking on a 2-10 campaign, will lose to not only every SEC opponent, but one of the following – Tulane, Gardner-Webb or UAB. Sly Croom may be looking for work.

What we are mostly seeing in these Conference Reports is the continuation of the overall pre-season meme of the sports media – which has USC and LSU meeting for the BCS Title Game. When the train of predestiny is a-rollin', don't let a little matter like acutal football games get in the way.

It goes without saying that none of the above is really as written in stone as the tone seems to indicate. One has to wonder, however, if when making their conference picks the so called “experts” really think through the consequences of their projected records?

The last question was, of course, rhetorical.

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