Monday, August 06, 2007

Bookmark-able blog

In July a new blog called Best of the SEC Blogs was born. It's described as:

"...kind of a metablog, or "blog of blogs". What we intend to do is scan the Southeastern Conference blogosphere for the best, most cogent and interesting of commentary on SEC sports. We will also be offering commentary on select posts from SEC blog sites, and hopefully tie it all together into a running conversation that will offer interest and value to all fans of SEC sports."
Certainly a good resource that I recommend you bookmark. I have added Best of the SEC Blogs to the sidebar links under "Blogs".

1 comment:

BestofSEC said...

Hi guys:

Thanks very much for the linkage. Saurian Sagacity is truly an outstanding SEC blog, and not just because you threw a link my way. :-)

Florida has one of the finest groups of blogs in the entire SEC blogosphere, and you guys are absolutely one of the leaders. Saurian Sagacity is a daily read for me, and should be a daily read for every fan of SEC sports.

Oh, and Florida fans will like it, too.

Take care, and thanks again.