Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just Trying to Keep Up with the Dawgs

T Kyle King at DawgSports.com has a recent post which he titles “Are the Florida Gators Gaining Ground on the Dawgs?”

We should be so lucky.

Here at Saurian Sagacity, we readily recognize the prowess of our long time Bulldog foes, and especially the expertise of their coach Mark Richt. So much so in fact that we are offering the following in homage to coach Richt –


Show your support for the Georgia coach Gators!
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Senator Blutarsky said...

Heh. Touche, sir.

Kinda reminds me of the "Dawgs for Zook" shirt we had printed up one year for the WLOCP. Wearing that, we got more laughs and thumbs up from Gator fans than Dawg fans.

bcsshirts said...

LOL hes going senile like bowden. Last I checked fla/ga weekend has been a good time for the last 3 years (gators win =) )

Mergz said...


While we are on Zook memories, I actually went to the Mississippi State game at Starkville that the Gators lost in 2004 (MSU won only 3 games that year - against Tulane, Kentucky and the Gators. They lost to lower divison Maine).

After the game, we Gator fans were actually thanking the MSU fans for, what we rightly assumed, would get our coach fired.

Senator Blutarsky said...

Wow, you actually witnessed the birth of a new addition to the lexicon of college football:

The Zooker got croomed.