Friday, April 13, 2007

Who was the best? Vote with your chest.

When the Gators' Hoops squad cut down the nets at the NCAA tourney for the second year in a row, they joined a very elite club of back-to-back champions. Winning 6 consecutive games against increasingly more difficult competition in a one and done format is hard. In this day and age of early defections to the NBA it's even harder. There's little doubt that some team in the future will duplicate this accomplishment but I have strong doubts that it will be accomplished with the same cast in both years like the Gators did.

That said, the question of where the Gators stack up in history has been bantied about a lot lately. And many are comparing this Gator team to the great Duke team of the early 90s.

The great Dan Shanoff has decided that the best way to settle the argument (perhaps not the best way but certainly a lucrative way -- and we love capitalism here at Saurian Sagacity) is to vote with our wallets.

Check out the killer shirts available for sale. You can also vote in an online poll if your wallet is kind of light these days.


Anonymous said...

Awesome shirt


Anonymous said...

Shameless and silly huckstering. Mediocrity, not sagacity,

Henry Gomez said...

It's called doing a favor for a friend. Try it some time. Jackass.