Monday, April 09, 2007

Noles, be proud of Leroy Butler

I was sitting home watching Sun Sports after the Marlin game tonight and blogging about something else when the show In my own words, came on. The guest was Leroy Butler. Near the end of the show, Whit Watson asked Leroy about his charitable foundation, The Leroy Butler Foundation, and he explained that at one game he saw a woman wearing his jersey with a pink ribbon on it. He asked her what it was about and she explained that it was for breast cancer. He took it to heart despite the fact that nobody in his family had ever had breast cancer and made it part of his charitable activities. Later his teammate, Brett Favre's wife would contract breast cancer bringing it close to home. According to Butler the foundation has helped more than 400 Wisconsin women pay for their medications, or make their mortgage payments, etc.

An excellent story and a credit to our sister school.

I'll be making a donation tonight.

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Bill said...

Thanks for the positive post, and thanks for the donation.