Friday, March 02, 2007

Why Wisconsin Will Win It All

I was originally saving this post for April 1st, but I decided the information was too good to wait.

In 2007, the Wisconsin Badgers will win it all.


Well, be aware of the following inarguable facts –

1. This past year was Wisconsin’s best year since 1999. In having their best year since 1999, they managed a sterling 3rd place finish in the Big 10.

2. Wisconsin took “the hard road” to that 3rd place finish by cleverly avoiding play against the conference winner in a brutal schedule that placed them firmly in 78th place among the NCAA’s toughest.

3.The first and second place Big 10 teams managed to lose their respective BCS bowls by a combined score of 41 points.

4. That 3rd place Big 10 finish landed Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl (the bowl where non-BCS teams compete) for the second straight season. Of this bowl, formerly known as the Citrus Bowl, it was said in the past you “couldn’t spell Citrus without “UT””. Perhaps you cannot spell it now with UW-M?

5. In that bowl, Wisconsin impressively thrashed Arkansas 17-14 with a wily game plan that saw Wisconsin confound Arkansas by gaining only 201 total yards to Arkansas’ 368 yards, including negative 5 yards rushing by the Badgers. The negative yardage confused the Razorbacks leading to their loss.

6. Wisconsin was an offensive juggernaut in 2006, ranking 34th nationally in yards per game, tied with the University of Central Florida. And who can forget such epic beat-downs as 14-0 over San Diego State, 30-24 over Illinois, 13-3 over Penn State and 24-21 over Iowa?

7. Although the team is losing several top players after the 2006 season, the staff “reloaded” with an astounding recruiting class ranked 41st nationally by, and 33rd by Rivals, placing them on par with national powerhouses like BYU, Stanford and Colorado.

There. Looking at the above, the only logical conclusion is Wisconsin as your 2007 mythical national champions.

Badger fans, make your reservations for New Orleans now.


Anonymous said...

It's never an easy road but the intangibles keep the dream alive, who could have predicted Boise sharing a mythical national championship?
Peace brother mergz, the Bager Nation is keeping the tornado victims, families and community in our prayers. Wisky Fan

Mergz said...

All in fun ;)

Peace back at ya.

Henry Gomez said...

who could have predicted Boise sharing a mythical national championship?

Which selector picked Boise State number 1?

Henry Gomez said...

Perhaps you are right Wiscy fan, the Badgers do have a chance to win the MNC. All you need to do is join the WAC.

WSB Chris said...

hmmm last two years Wisconsin has beat teams from which conference in their bowl game?

Oh yeah the SEC

Henry Gomez said...

It's a big stretch from beating a second tier SEC team in the Poulin Weed Eater bowl to winning the MNC.

Mergz said...

"hmmm last two years Wisconsin has beat teams from which conference in their bowl game?

Oh yeah the SEC"

You are right. I should have included this factoid as more proof that Wisconsin will win it all.

Afterall, the aforementioned bowl is where the 3rd best SEC team usually finds itself. And if you can beat the 3rd best SEC team, the sky is the limit.

Anonymous said...

i think ramel bradley is joakim noah's daddy

machete said...


Scotty #13 said...

While their hopes may be unrealistic, the Badgers are still undefeated in '07 with their MNC dreams still alive...

Anonymous said...

correction: Wisconsin beat the 4th best team in the SEC. Auburn was the 3rd best team.