Sunday, March 25, 2007

Congratulations Gators!

With the ultimate goal still in sight, let’s take a moment to congratulate this Gator team for an outstanding season and the achievement of a feat not seen since the Michigan State team of 2001 – a defending champion returning to the Final Four.

Once the Final Four is set we will have a chance for more analysis. It already looks to be a great foursome - with either the legendary UNC or Georgetown joining the equal legendary UCLA, and the two biggest names in college sports right now - Florida and Ohio State.


Mike said...

Cheers Gators!

Dare I say we have another Monday night tea party in our future? Would be fun to see.

Looking forward to your thoughts this week.

Your resident Buckeye fan. :)

Anonymous said...

hey Mike,
another bucknutty comment... lucky if you get past Georgetown and you'd need Lebon James playing his final senior game to dare a national championship dream, just not gonna happen with a freshman team.
Wisky Fan

Mike said...

And I should trust what a Wisconsin fan has to say about winning championships? Ok, sure thing pal...