Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Breakdown – The Teams

Keeping with our flavor as stat junkies here at Saurian Sagacity (and at least my own firm belief that intangibles are exactly that), the following is the statistical breakdown of the Final Four by stat.

Points per Game

Florida 79
Ohio State 73
Georgetown 68

Florida is the only one of the group even ranked in the top 50 nationally in this stat, at 11th overall.

Points Allowed

Georgetown 57.8
UCLA 59.5
Ohio State 61.4
Florida 62.2

The virtual opposite of the above stat.

Scoring Margin

Florida +16.8
UCLA +12.5
Ohio State +11.6
Georgetown +10.3

Obviously, the stat that matters in scoring – outscoring your opposition.

Field Goal Percentage

Florida 52.7%
Georgetown 50.6%
UCLA 48.4%
Ohio State 47.2%

Florida is top in the nation in this stat for the season, while Georgetown is 3rd. Ohio State, ranked 43rd overall, is surprisingly low with the accuracy of Mike Conley Jr (51.4%) and the inside presence of Greg Oden.

Field Goal Percentage Allowed

Georgetown 38.2%
Ohio State 39.9%
Florida 40.6%
UCLA 42.6%

Call it the “big man effect”, with the presence of 7’2” Roy Hibbert and 7’ Oden evidently being felt here.

Three Point Percentage

Florida 40.8%
UCLA 37.1%
Georgetown 36.6%
Ohio State 36.3%

As Oregon found out, with Florida it is pick your poison – try to guard the paint, and Humphrey and Green will shoot you down.

Three Point Percentage Allowed

Florida 29.1%
Georgetown 30.3%
Ohio State 33.1%
UCLA 35.4%

Presumably, the athleticism of Florida’s guards and forwards shows up in this stat. UCLA’s allowing over 35% is not promising.

Three Point to Field Goal Attempts

Ohio State 36.8%
Georgetown 35.5%
UCLA 33.4%
Florida 32.4%

Think it was Florida shooting the most from beyond the arc? Think again. Ohio State trys the most shots from 3-point territory, while making the least.

Free Throw Percentage

Georgetown 71.8%
Ohio State 69.6%
Florida 68.0%
UCLA 64.7%

A definite disadvantage for UCLA here.

Rebound Margin

Florida +1.4
Georgetown +1.3
Ohio State +1.2
UCLA +1.2

All four rebound better than their opponents thus far, however I would have thought Georgetown or Ohio State would have had a definite edge here with their big men.

Blocks per Game

Ohio State 5.7
Georgetown 5.2
Florida 4.9
UCLA 3.3

The lack of size hurts UCLA badly here

Obviously, the stats speak very well for Florida in most categories, and it is little surprise that Florida is the Vegas favorite at this point. However, whichever team wins this will not have faced two more worthy opponents this year, and stats often go out the door when the leather hits the floor.

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Gator Duck said...

The biggest pair of stats tells an interesting story - Points per Game vs. Points Allowed.

Florida 79
Ohio State 73
Georgetown 68

The delta between Florida and OSU is 6 points and its 11 vs. Georgetown.

In points allowed, the delta from top to bottom is only 4.4

Georgetown 57.8
UCLA 59.5
Ohio State 61.4
Florida 62.2

Not quite the opposite, in reality.

Mergz said...

Excellent point Duck.

Just because they are ranked in order, doesn't make them equal.

Mike said...

The Buckeyes shot the lights out from three in their non-conference schedule then fizzled badly when Oden was inserted into the mix. They didn't stop taking them, as the stats show, they just stopped hitting them at the clip they were early in the year. I chalk it up to having to work the ball into Oden, players forcing their shots and losing their flow of the game while trying to learn how to play with the big man.

It's no secret, we are two completely different teams when Oden is on and off the floor. How effective they are in the latter scenario will be the key this weekend.

Looking forward to two great games on Saturday.

Here's to hoping both teams reach Monday night... Go Bucks!

Anonymous said...

Given your love for stats, you should be using PPP instead of PPG. See Big Ten Wonk.