Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Today is The Day

Florida starts the day strong with a new commitment and signed letter of intent from safety Jerimy Finch, the 9th ranked nationwide at his position.

Will our Tallahassee friends need this?


Anonymous said...

Jerimy Finch's word is about as reliable as that of the U S Army...if you're an American Indian. This Indana recruit was a Michigan commit for months before swiching to IU because his Warren Central teamates were his "family" only to turn on them cause he froze his ass off last weekend when the artic clipper hit the project him as a Gator decommit when spring arrives.

Anonymous said...

The last I checked at "Gator Country" all our recruits faxed in their LOI's. Even though LSU seems to have picked up some big names we should still be in the Top 5 when all is said and done; if we remain at #1 I'll be very happy!

I'd still like to see us pick up a couple more recruits before all is said and done if we still have room - especially at LB and CB.