Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nowhere to go but down?

By now the entire college football watching public knows all about Urban Meyer, his picture of Woody Hayes, etc, etc. He has taken 3 football programs and turned them around, each in two years. He has amassed quite a winning record in those 6 short years as head coach. The most remarkable thing is the how he has been able to get everything to click in the second season of each of his stints as head coach.

2002 Bowling Green: 9-3
2004 Utah: 12-0, Mt. West Conference Title, BCS Bowl win
2006 Florida: 13-1, SEC title, BCS Title

That's an unfathomable record of 34-4 (89.47%).

The question for Meyer is how can he top himself? It's hard to imagine that he could. He's in unchartered territory, since he's never coached more than 2 seasons at the same school, and logic dictates that he's going to have to come down to earth at some point. Let's hope it's not in 2007.


Mergz said...

My personal nightmare - the Gators have a year like UM did a few years down the road, and we start to hear that "Meyer could only win with Zook's players".

JJ Gator said...

Mergz, I agree. Should that happen it's likely the Zook apologists nad the Steve Spurrier Choir will start singing again and won't see the forests for the trees.

Every team has their up-and-down years, and I hope that smart fans will continue to support Coach Meyer as he continues on with our football team. I feel good aboutthis year's incoming classes well as our returnees; there are issues at certain positions that need to be addressed and I expect this to start happening during the upcoming spring practices. As far as recruiting goes I'm more pleased with Meyer's efforts so far; he's light-years ahead of Zook as far as the quality of his classes.

Henry Gomez said...

Well if those Zook apologists start that up, I will point to this year's recruiting class and say that Zook never had a class as good. The same recruiting services they used to claim that Zook was God say so. I'll also point them toward Illinois which is bound wallow in depths of the big 10 regardless of who Zook manages to bamboozle into going there.