Friday, February 02, 2007

Kirk may be wrong

The folks over at markmaybewrong have done the college football watching world a great service by tabulating the cumulative records for predictions made by the various CFB pundits. Unfortunately they stopped updating it after week 11 but there's enough of a sample to see that Kirk Herbstreit, with all the games he watches every week, sucks when it comes to prognosticating relative to his colleagues. His 49-32 (.605) record put him 2nd to last out of 25 talking heads. The best record, by the way, belonged to Terry Bowden at 69-20 (.775). Bowden works for Yahoo! Score another victory for the internets and the ebay and such.


GPace said...

Thats not 2nd to last. Its dead last. Clucko the Chicken is listed as last but he's not a person. Clucko is's nickname for a coin flip to predict the winner.

Henry Gomez said...

That's too funny. I'm going to have to post a correction.