Friday, February 09, 2007

Becoming unhinged

My co-blogger recently commented on the venomous statements from the allCanes blog, and some of their silly assertions were well dealt with equally well at Orange & Blue Hue.

Now, in going to the allCanes site, I come across this ridiculous item.

The item description is as follows –

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Florida won their cute, little second football title and nabbed their first in basketball a few months back. We got the memo. Good for you. Here's one right back at Florida Faithful, our new "Got Nine?" tee.
Need to shut up that smug Gator friend of yours? Look no further.

Up front, a simple "Got Nine?" and on the back, "Just keepin' things in perspective" with some trophies underneath - FSU's two, UF's three and UM's nine, commemorating the Canes five football titles and four baseball titles.

Miami will be back, but in the interim, shut up the Gators with this new tee. Works great for quieting Noles as well.

Apparently a combination of the Gator’s success in football and basketball, as well as having to endure Boise State’s blue field for a bowl game has driven Hurricane fans insane.

So now your baseball titles are the equal of your mythical football titles? Why stop there? I’m sure you have other titles in NCAA sports to tout?

While we are at it, let’s add all the other titles Florida has too. Our 6 golf National Titles (4 men’s, 2 women’s). Our 4 swimming National Titles (2 of each). And while we are at it, we can throw in the 4 women’s tennis titles, the women’s track and gymnastics titles, and the 1998 soccer title too.

So if we want to go that route, for the Gators it is "Got 20?"

More likely, what we "got" is unhinged “U” fans on the loose.


machete said...

You guys need to relax. Fans are fans, and you are the enemy, same as we are your enemy.

In this country, there are three major team sports: football, basketball, and baseball. From that perspective the shirt is valid. Golf and swimming are not only not team sports, but who really gives a shit about them at the college level.

Your basketball title is in there, as it should be, along with your two football trophies. So of the big three sports, yes - We've "got" Nine.

We've been proud of our baseball titles, so this isn't some grasp at straws (see "women's track and gymnastics title").

Do you expect UM shirts to be made that say "Miami thinks the Gators are cool." or something? C'mon, man. It's honest and legitimate smack-talk. You guys may be the reigning golden boys, but we're still the Kings of the State.

It's not like we made a shirt calling you guys convicts like Notre Dame did with us. Now those were some assholes.

Chris said...

scUM should make "Got Bail?" shirts. Or "Got Crack?" shirts. Those would be more representative of their athletic program.

What we WON'T see out of Coral Gables is a "Got Fans?" shirt, because... well... I don't need to connect the dots on that one.

machete said...

wow. ridiculous asshole comment.

Chris said...

All in good fun, Machete.

KG said...

Man . . . big three sports? Personally I like baseball and would rank it in my three favorites but it's by no means the 3rd sport in terms of revenue or popularity. The last time I checked women's basketball had FAR more spectators, revenue, televised games, etc, etc, than college baseball.

Plus College baseball is more popular in the West and the South. In the Northeast and Northwest Hockey is a more popular campus sport than baseball. Perhaps because if you are a good baseball player you probably won't end up in college . . . although the same can be said for Hockey as both sports have minor leagues.

In any event the separation of popularity of college baseball and the big three of football and two genders basketball is pretty distinct. When the Indianapolis Star studied the revenue of athletic departments they listed College football, Men's basketball and "Other Sports".

The difference between Football and Men's basketball is significant as is the difference between mens and women's basketball. The difference between Lady BBall and college baseball however is enormous. The difference between baseball, hockey, gymnastics, volleyball on the other hand . . . are just degrees of fan desolation.

By calling baseball a "major" college sport you open the door for Michigan to claim its hockey titles, Tennessee its women's basketball titles, Georgia its gymnastic titles, etc, etc.

That's what makes the "9" so obviously laughable. If Cane fans want to count football titles fine but acting like a baseball championship is somehow impressive . . . is not realistic. When have you heard people talking about the last time a college held a title in both college baseball and football or college baseball and basketball at the same time? Not very often I'd guess because . . . no one really cares about the "other" sports.

Anonymous said...

If college football is about anything its about tradition and if the Miami Hurricanes wanted to honor any city they'd have to relocate to Fallugah. Ever since 1986, the University of Miami has been a disgrace to the game of football, and to sports in general. That was when they wore camouflage shirts, and walked out of social events, demanded new carpet in their locker room, and screamed obscentities at fans. Even this clueless-beyond-description administration cannot be deluded enough to think that the loss of revenue is worse than what a culture of thuggery and entitlement is doing. A trash culture, a trash team, and has turned an otherwise decent institution into a trash university. Shalala was booted out of Wisconsin for lowering academic standards, the same crap she is allowing in Miami as a couple years ago she permitted a local high school star named Willie Williams, with eleven arrests on his teenage rap sheet, to be admitted and play in the program. It tarnishes the state of Florida.

ashepeaks said...

This was the response of a friend after seeing the t-shift: "Thought it meant "got nine?" as in: got nine bullets for your glock?,...or, got nine guys in prison like we do?,...or, got nine guys under investigation for massive game fight?, and the list goes on"