Friday, January 12, 2007

Bowl Challenge Final

Sorry it took me a while to update the final - still too much in a party frame of mind.

The final games were -

1st tier SEC (LSU) over 1st tier Independent (Notre Dame) - SEC +3

3rd tier Big East (Cincinnati) over Mid America (Western Michigan) - Big East +2

1st tier SEC (Florida) over 1st tier Big Ten (Ohio State) - SEC +3

So, the final rankings, in order, are -

1. SEC = 19

2. ACC = 11 (tie)

2. Big East = 11 (tie)

3. Big 12 = 6

4. Big 10 = 5 (tie)

4. Pac 10 = 5 (tie)

I have received much commentary on our methodology, and I appreciate the input. Regardless of how you feel about the point outcome, it is hard to argue that the final results are wrong. Certainly, the Big 10 and Pac 10 deserve to be last.

Once again, we will try to refine our system for next year, and I will solicit your commentary before then.

1 comment:

NoleCC said...

The Big East deserves the #2 slot... they were 2-0 over the ACC during the Bowl Season, imho.