Sunday, January 14, 2007

So do you think...

... they sold many of these?

I linked to this site a few weeks prior to the game, where Ohio State fans could pre-order copies of January 9th coverage of the Columbus Dispatch. When the game was over, they changed that language in the first paragraph from "will square off" to "squared off".

Still, I doubt any Ohio State fans unlucky enough to pre-order this will receive a copy that looks much like the sample they feature here.

For those of you who can't squint far enough to read the sample, the rear most paper says "Celebration in the desert" with a picture of Jim Tressel and the Buckeyes hoisting the crystal trophy (must have been taken in 2003). The mid most paper says "Ohio State Buckeyes" and "CHAMPS!" with a predicted score of 31 to 24 near the top.

Lastly, on the front most page, you have what appears to be an Ohio State receiver catching one of their 4 completions, with the banner "A Return to Glory" splashed across the page.

Like I said, I doubt they look much like this.

However, I do hope OSU fans who ordered them enjoy reading the details of the Gator's victory over the Buckeyes.


Henry Gomez said...

The sample is the paper they printed when they beat Miami. I ordered myself 10 of the ones for this year. $5 for 10, you can't beat that.

Ryan Ferguson said...

I think I'll order myself a copy of that paper! I'll frame it next to my copy of the Gainesville Sun.

ashepeaks said...

Will order also then send a copy to my brother-in-law in Cincy...boisterous prior - not a peep afterwards.

Gator Duck said...

Test (of what the Atom subscription thingy actually does...)