Monday, January 01, 2007

Rounds One & Two - The Big Ten

With Penn State's win over Tennessee, and Wisconsin's hard fought victory over Arkansas, the Big Ten wins its first two bowl games, both at the expense of SEC teams.

Already the talking heads are agitating for a “split” title if Michigan can beat USC, and Florida can upset Ohio State.

If Michigan wins the Rose Bowl, expect those voices to get very loud.


Mike said...

Where's all the speed and great defense you all play in the SEC? Not so fantastic when you run up against bigger, tougher teams, eh?

With both games still in doubt today, neither Tennessee nor Arkansas could stop their opponents from running it right down their throats. Go figure.

And your conference poster boy, McFadden? Ineffective and injured. A magic combination.

You all have barked up the wrong tree this year.

threadogg said...

Thanks to Urban Cryer and the Big ten domination of the SEC today, a Wolverine blowout tonight creates a BCS nightmare senerio sending the states of Ohio and Michigan into def con alert.

Mergz said...
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Mergz said...

Easy sports - wins are indeed wins, but neither was particularly "dominating". In the UT-PSU game, PSU gained 380 total yards to UT’s 350. The difference was UT’s 3 turnovers to PSU’s none. Wisconsin was lucky to win – 201 yards total offense to Arkansas’ 368, with a total of negative 5 yards rushing. It isn’t often a team wins with those stats.

That said, wins are wins, and 4th best Big 10 team in PSU beat the 5th best SEC team in UT, and the 3rd best Big 10 team beat the 4th best SEC team (Wisconsin over Arkansas).

Mike said...

"4th best Big 10 team in PSU beat the 5th best SEC team in UT, and the 3rd best Big 10 team beat the 4th best SEC team"

So, let me get this straight, when the SEC was winning these games, the matchups were irrelevant but now that the SEC and their idiotic fans were embarrassed by two "bad" teams, all of a sudden it's a higher rank Big10 team beating a lower ranked SEC team so it doesn't mean as much?

I'll give you Gators fans credit. You guys can spin facts and figures with the best of them.

"Wisconsin was lucky to win"

Weird, since according to you all Wisconsin was "lucky" to even be in the game against the all-mighty Razorbacks.

Do whatever you makes you happy but just remember the only argument you had for the Gators having a chance against the Bucks were numbers on paper. In a swift turn of events, that paper has been shredded.

You won't admit it, at least not publicly, but Gator Nation stepped back today and realized they may be in over their heads with no way out now.

Be careful what you wish for Urban. Now, you have to look the devil in the eye.

Paul said...

Worst, most boring games ever, particularly the ham and cheese matchup. Big Ten won, SEC lost, and everybody else fell asleep.

KG said...

I think Mike lost all credibility when he said Arkansas couldn't stop Wisconsin from "running it right down their throats."

Huhhh??? lol, my goodness. I've never seen a team "run it down" another teams throat for -5 yards.

Michigan better worry more about getting being down two TDs to USC late in the 2nd half rather than a "national title". Hardly an impressive showing by the Wolverines. The split title talk is as likely as a playoff system instituted in 2007.

Mike said...

kg, kg, kg, please use your reading comprehension. I said "with both games still in doubt" not the entire game. Wisonsin got the ball with 3:55 to go in the game. Try this on for size...Hill rush, ARK timeout, Stocco incomplete pass, Hill rush, ARK timeout, Hill rush, Hill rush, Hill rush, ARK timeout, Hill rush, Hill rush, Stocco rush. End of game.

Summary? Arkansas needed a stop against a team who rushed for a grand total of -5 yards and couldn't do it. Instead, Wisconsin did indeed run it right down their throats on the final drive and Arkansas couldn't do shit about it.

Do I need to paint you a picture? Your "tough SEC defenses" are clearly overrated.

mikeyanagita said...

PWNED! But how about that fellatic USC recruiting pitch at the end of the game?