Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Preliminary thoughts on the game

First of all I have to say that University of Phoenix Stadium, although being brand new, pretty much sucks ass. I was in the lower level, corner end zone, near the tunnel where the Gator players came out and there was exactly one bathroom in that entire corner of the stadium. With the predictable long line I missed both script Ohio and the flyover. The other frustrating thing for a "state of the art" facility was that there were no stats to be found on any of the screens. I have yet to breakdown the stats so what you have is just raw opinion based on what I saw.

1. It seemed to me that the Gators hogged the ball for most of the game. The OSU defense couldn't get off the field, especially in the first half.

2. OSU was supposed to have a really deep receiving corps that the Gators were going to have a hard time covering. Remember their 3rd, 4th, and 5th receivers were going to be going up against our 3rd, 4th and 5th defensive backs. Well it turned out that it was the Gators that were too deep at receiver. I'll be interested to see how many receivers caught/carried the ball.

3. Harvin got the ball early and often, living up to his pre-game hype.

4. On at least a couple of occasions the Gators had Tebow and Leak in the game at the same time. The plays didn't do much but it confused the hell out of OSU.

5. Tebow ran to the right several times including a TD, going against the trend that "he always runs to the left." He also threw a TD when everyone on the OSU defense thought he was going to run to left.

6. The one statistic that absolutely shocked me and indicates how much of a wood shed beating this was three. Three is the number of time outs that OSU had remaining when the final whistle blew. The game was so far gone that there was no point in delaying the agony by stopping the clock. As Brent Musberger said on the ESPN radio call of the game "The Buckeyes can't get off the field fast enough."

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