Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Piling On - Part 17

Well, it might be said to be unsporting of me to keep piling on the summarily dismissed Buckeye nation, but this was too good not to point out.

The Columbus Dispatch (“Dispatch” – As in to “dispatch” an overmatched opponent?) is selling these.

Notice that the season seems to end on November 18. Of course, so did Ohio State's season highlights.


Anonymous said...

Indeed it seemed the season ended for those two Big Ten teams with that game, baffling, maybe it's a curse for them the rivalry mean so much. By January it seemed the OSU players had already moved on seemed bored without motivation in the NC game.

Our Gators on the other hand had something to prove, that they belonged. The intangibles in college ball so powerful and certainly revealed in the NC game.

Henry Gomez said...

I'm not big into intangibles. The box score shows that the Gators were tangibly better than the Buckeyes.