Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One week to go

One week until signing day and Florida’s class continues to remain top ranked among the major recruiting services. On, the SEC has 7 of the top 25 classes, and an not to be believed 26 of the top 100 players. If 1 in 4 (or more) of the nation’s top prospects are SEC bound, watch out college football!

However, the real shock is the relatively poor classes that in-state rivals Miami and FSU have at this point, especially FSU. FSU is known as a “strong closer”, but with 12 recruits of limited talent they are currently ranked 51st on Scouts, right behind powerhouse Baylor, and 5 slots behind South Florida.

Miami is doing somewhat better at 31st with 13 commitments, which puts them only 5 slots behind SEC doormat Mississippi State.

There is still a week to go, and we can expect Miami and FSU to close hard. But if the talent is no longer flowing to those schools, their win-loss records of last year may become pretty common.

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