Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Nic-tator is dead. Long live the Nic-tator

Nick Saban, we hardly knew ya. Thanks for being a homer and reaching for two SEC players in your two first round picks. Thanks for signing a washed up QB with a bum wheel, ruining the Dolphins salary cap for years to come.

The line score on your career as a pro coach 15-17.

Thanks for nothing.

Good luck, members of the Alabama press corps, in dealing with a tyrannical dictator that doesn't think he should have to answer the tough questions. Oh and Bama fans, don't worry, if he has even a modicum of success with the Tide, it'll only be a matter of time before another NFL team comes along and throws even more money in this jackass' face. I believe that past performance is the best indicator of future performance and Saban has proven one thing in his career: as Jim Mandich says, "he has always chased the buck."

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JJ Gator said...

Like the cliche goes, money talks and bullshit walks. Dangle the carrot in front of Saban for a better-paying coaching job in a couple of years from now and he'll bail on Bama just like he did with LSU and now the Miami Dolphios.