Thursday, January 11, 2007

Man vs. Machine, triumphant conclusion

At the beginning of Bowl season I took it upon myself to represent all humanity in a football predicting contest. The opponent was Hal 9000 otherwise known as the Jeff Sagarin computerized "Predictor" ratings. These are the ratings that still have OSU ahead of Florida despite the Dismantling in the Desert. No point spreads here, just picking winners. I used my selections from ESPN's Bowl mania contest. Hal 9000's picks came from the Sagarin page on USA Today.

As we entered the final 6 bowls man and machine were tied at 17-9. Since man and machine picked the same winners in 5 of those six games, the fate of humanity rested on the one remaining game where we disagreed: The Tostitos BCS Championship Game.

I being the biased Florida alum that I am chose the Gators, while Hal 9000 apparently had one too many shots with Kirk Herbstreit and picked OSU.

Final Score:

Man: 22-10

Machine: 21-11

Man has humbled the machine but as he left, the machine said one thing. Can you guess what it was?

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NoleCC said...

You come to conclusions about the man vs. machine... I come to conclusions about my sad two-year old whining Seminole brethren...