Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jackass of the Day:

Art Spander.

He wrote this unbelievably stupid drivel:

They're the national champions. Of next season. And arguably this season.

Either Ohio State or Florida will end up No. 1 in the polls, but that will be a lie. The best college football team in the country is USC.
Well Mr. Spander why even play the games if you know who the champion is? Why don't we all just log on to CBS sportsline on the first of every January and have you annoint the champion. We wouldn't need to buy tickets, drive to the stadium, tailgate, or spend hours watching on TV. You know all and the sooner we get through our simplistic (winning team=better team) heads the better off we'll all be.

Man this guy can't see the forest from the trees. Hell he has his head so far up Pete Carroll's ass he can't see anything at all.

USC lost two mediocre teams. How can that be the best team in the country?

Hat tip to: Al Gator at Zook Free Zone

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