Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The F-U list

Kirk Herbstreit for breathlessly telling America that he knew better than 3 of the BCS computers, the human voters in the Harris, Coaches and AP polls, because he watches 20 games a week, that Florida was not the number 2 team in the country. Ironically he ended up being right. That Gators aren't the number 2 team, they are number 1. Perhaps the real reason Herbie didn't want the Gators to get a bid to the big game is not because of his newfound respect for Michigan but because as an OSU homer he wanted the Buckeyes to face a team and coach that they own.

Lloyd Carr for accusing Urban Meyer of campaigning while he himself campaigned saying "I hope the voters don't forget about Michigan", and laying an egg in the Rose Bowl. Lloyd you're a crying bitch. Worry about your own team before you start talking shit about someone else. Take care of business against your rival and you don't have to please voters.

ESPN.com for running a poll asking America who should be the National Champion if Florida beat OSU and Michigan beat USC.

Mike Wise for writing this ridiculous column in which he asserts that the Rose Bowl wasn't a good indicator of how good Michigan is because they weren't "up" for that game the same way they would have for a rematch with OSU. Like Lloyd Carr was going to turn into a big game coach all of a sudden? Michigan didn't come out flat. They played USC to a tie in the first half. and then got outclassed by a team that was better physically on both sides of the ball. The media was already hyping a split title for Michigan if the Gators squeezed by OSU. So the Wolverines were trying to win against a team that's had the better of them recently (USC), playing for an outside shot an AP National title and trying to prove that it got screwed. If the narcoleptic Lloyd can't get them "up" for that game, then he's in the wrong job.

All of the Michigan assholes that ripped Gary Danielson for making the case for Florida, on the one platform which he had, while the Disney/ABC/ESPN conglomerate hyped a potential OSU/UMich rematch even before the first game between them was even played.

To all of you I say FUCK YOU.

Did I miss anyone?

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