Thursday, January 04, 2007

A big thank you!

I wanted to take a moment to thank several folks that have been really supportive in our blogging endeavor but first I think I should thank Mergz for agreeing to do this.

I began blogging about a year and half ago and I now have several blogs about varied subjects. But before I was a blogger I frequented Gator message boards. And it was on one particular Gator board that I began to read Mergz' insightful thoughts. I don't know why it took so long for me to realize that we should start a Gator blog but the realization finally hit me like a ton of bricks. It hasn't been disappointing. I'm glad we went with the name Mergz suggested instead of the one I had thought of. I think it's unique.

The blog has really gained traction even though it's only been around since October 11th, and for that we need to thank the following people:

All of the members and moderators at Zook Free Zone for allowing us to shamelessly plug this blog and giving us our built-in audience.

Orson and Co. at Every Day Should Be Saturday for putting us his blogroll even though we were brand new.

Ryan Ferguson from AOL's Florida Fanhouse who's been a big cheerleader for us.

Keltic Gator and the gang (including Ryan Ferguson again) at Orange and Blue Hue.

SMQ at Sunday Morning Quarterback

Senator Blutarski from Get the Picture

GatorMark at Swampball

The reader's at Mudlizard's Virtual Swamp

The readers at the Swamp Gas forums

All of you who stop by and read our stuff, especially those of you who leave comments. Good, bad, or indifferent comments always make us feel like we are doing something. I'm sure I left some people out.

So as Mergz and I get ready to leave for Glendale we just wanted to say thank you!


Mergz said...

Seconds to Henry's thanks.

And special thanks to Henry for setting this all up - I would have not had a clue how, and for inviting me to co-blog with him.

As those who know me best sometimes say - when I have a thought in my brain, I just have to "get it out". SS has been invaluable to me for this.

Thanks again.

Mike said...

Thank you both for a great forum. After the 9th, I will be long gone but I have enjoyed the banter back and forth leading up to Monday's game. In regards to the other blogs I have seen from Florida fans, this is the best. Despite the differing opinions, you still welcome those opinions and respond accordingly, making it worthwhile.

Thanks for the outlet.

Henry Gomez said...

Building bridges Mike, building bridges. Thanks for your readership.

Gator Duck said...

Great job, guys. Just to let you know, I've been posting links to justs about all your commentary in my Gator Group "Gator Football Fanatics" at Gator Nation Network, in addition to emails to Gator friends who, for one reason or not, are not well connected.

Keep up the fodder for fot.

Ryan Ferguson said...

I just found this almost a year late! How sweet of you guys.