Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ambivalent about Saban

The biggest sports story here in Miami is the persistent wooing of Dolphins head coach (and former LSU and Michigan State head coach) Nick Saban by Alabama. I am ambivalent about this development. Let me explain.

As a Florida alum, Saban coming back to the SEC to coach Bama is a concern. Saban has proven he's a good college coach and a good recruiter.

But as a Dolphins season ticker holder, I just hope the door doesn't hit him on the ass on the way out the door.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Saban will in fact be the next coach of Alabama despite the fact that he has already denied it many times. For one thing I think Saban has proven that you can't believe what he says. Ask LSU fans. For another I think he'll be much more comfortable in Tuscaloosa. Saban arrived in Miami with a very unfriendly attitude toward the media. Although members of the sports press down here made a stink about it, most fans didn't care. Hell if he wins, who cares if he's a prick.

Last year started out poorly but he was in his honeymoon phase. Then the Dolphins went on a 6 game winning streak to finish 9-7 and just out of the playoffs. In the off-season the fins passed up on Drew Brees and signed Daunte Culpepper. Adding insult to injury is the year Brees is having for New Orleans. And here's the thing that upsets Dolphin fans like me: this wasn't the first time the Dolphins passed on Brees. He was available to them when he came out in the draft. Instead Dave Wannstedt picked first round super bust cornerback Jamar Fletcher.

Instead of progress the Dolphins regressed, going 6-10 in 2006. To make matters worse, the Dolphins had signed Lions cast-off Joey Harrington as an insurance policy in case Culpepper wasn't ready to go. Saban decided not to cash in on the policy until the Dolphins were 1-3 and already well behind the 8 ball.

So now here we are two full seasons later and it looks like Saban's two first round draft picks Ronnie Brown and Jason Allen are busts. Meanwhile we are no closer to having a legitimate QB than we were the day Dan Marino retired. How can it be that the Dolphins have not drafted a quarterback in so many years?

So here's the thing Nick: if you're going to be a jackass to the media you better win. This isn't Baton Rouge or Tuscaloosa and the NFL isn't college. You can't beat 2/3 of your schedule with talent alone in the NFL. When you screw up in the big city the media is going to ask you tough questions. And it's your job to answer them whether you like it or not. Your act is wearing thin because this team is in disarray. Fans love arrogance in a winner, they won't tolerate it in loser.

The more I think about it, the less ambivalent I am about it. Go to Alabama and stop screwing up my Dolphins. Hopefully the Gators can make you regret your decision to do so down the road. Nick Saban will just go down in history as another good college coach that couldn't cut it in the NFL. Welcome to the Lou Holtz/Steve Spurrier club.


Anonymous said...

I do not think that Ronnie Brown is a bust, he doesn't get enough touches and well the offensive coordinator sucks hard making the offense look worse than it probably is. However, jason allen sucks and so does travis daniels they can not cover and are routinely beaten in the secondary. Nick Saban is no Jimmy Johnson when it comes to evaluating talent in the NFL draft. He is much better as a college coach and i say leave because we dont need another dave wandshit!

Henry Gomez said...

The best running back on the Dolphins is serving a 1 year suspension, the second best running back served a 4-game suspension. Ronnie ain't either of those two guys.