Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tonight on the Herbie and Mark show...

As Mergz pointed out ESPN is determined to carry out its useless endeavor of playing a fictional major college football playoff through the opinions of its talking heads. In their faux tourney the final 4 teams are Ohio State facing LSU and Florida facing Michigan.

Kirk Herbstreit predictably picked his alma mater OSU over LSU. What was interesting was that Mark May chose 2-loss and 4th ranked (BCS) LSU in the would-be match-up. Reece Davis got to break the tie and he chose LSU over the "consensus" number 1.

In the other "game" Herbie picked Michigan which is no surprise since he's been telling anyone who would listen that on a neutral field Michigan beats Florida, since December 2nd. He knows this because he watches "college football, from noon to 2 a.m." taking in "every game there is". The problem for Herbie, of course, is that his counterpart, Mark May, presumably watches as much football as he does and thinks Florida would win that match-up. Reece again broke the tie, this time in favor of Michigan.

A couple of observations about this absurd exercise:

1. Neither of the final two teams, LSU or Michigan, is actually going to play for the BCS Championship suggesting that ESPN thinks it knows better than the sports writers, the coaches, and the computers.

2. Florida isn't good enough to be in the fake Championship while LSU is despite the fact that Florida dispatched LSU 23-10 relatively easily in its sixth game.

The Herbie and Mark show sure is good for laughs. Be sure to tune in for the hilarious finale!

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