Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pinch me

I must be dreaming.

When Fish made the post below about the Gators two paths to the national championship, I figured the "USC loses, Florida jumps Michigan" was just crazy talk.

Not so crazy now.

Congrats to Coach Meyer, and the team, and the whole Gator nation.

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JJ Gator said...

Believe it, Mergz.

Tough teams find a way to win. I really hope the one loss to Auburn turns out to be a fluke and our Gators play like champions on 1/8. If they want that ring bad enough they won't hold back.

And a little help from UCLA didn't hurt. The "any given day" rule in football holds, and I really hope it works in UF's favor that Monday night.

And if we WIN the BCS National Championship, let's see what the die-hard Spurrier-worshippers say when Urban Meyer gets yet another leg up on the Old Ball Coach besides the two he has already!!!

GO GATORS!!!!!!!