Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Kirk Herbstreit's Dumbass quote of the day

It had nothing to do with ESPN, ABC, Kirk Herbstreit, Gary Danielson, any idiots on the outside. It had everything to do with the matchup they wanted. They did not want to see Round 2, plain and simple.

-Kirk Herbstreit


Anonymous said...

Um . . . do you disagree? Or are you saying it was about Gary D?

Henry Gomez said...

I disagree with the premise that the reason Florida is in there is only because people didn't want a rematch. The computers are supposedly free of bias and 3 of them gave the nod to Florida over Michigan with one saying that Florida was number 1.

Likewise the AP poll is not affiliated with the BCS therefore its voters had no say in who played in the match-up and they voted for Florida as the number 2 team. There may have been some anti-rematch sentiment among some of the voters but Florida has a legit claim for number 2. A claim that Herbie doesn't want to accept as legit.