Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kirk Herbstreit's dumbass quote of the day

Here's the problem I had: I get paid to actually watch college football, from noon to 2 a.m. I watch every game there is. And I do that for 15 straight weeks. I'm in a position where I can make an opinion on more than: "well right here on paper, it says Florida beat six top 25 teams." I don't care. I don't care.

-Kirk Herbstreit


GoBucks said...

Agreed...Herbstreit is not an all-knowing college football god and quite honestly, he comes off as a prick a lot of the time. Who knows how good Michigan really is? Who cares, they're not as good as Ohio State.

Now, as far as Jan. 8th goes, please put the kids to bed so they don't have to witness an absolute massacre in Glendale. Smith is gonna have a field day against your D. Reggie Nelson? Please, he can't stop 5 legitimate receiving threats, and Pittman/Wells running in a spread offense. Leak crumbles under any type of pressure, a la Auburn.

Have fun, boys.

Henry Gomez said...

Yeah well USC was supposed to be hands down better than UCLA.

I guess "that's why they play the games."

As far as Leak melting down against Auburn, it was a 1 point game when the referrees handed the Tigers the ball on a silver platter. It goes as a loss and I accept that but if that's the example you give as a reason to believe that OSU is going to "massacre" then I like our chances.

By the way, RN doesn't have to cover 5 guys...only the one who is going to receive the ball. Knowing that is what makes for a 1st team all-American.

gobucks said...

Nelson is not going to be able to know who Smith is going to. Florida has a shot if Ohio State has a total collapse on offense, and Smith completely doesn't show up. And, OSU is NOT one-dimensional. They will spread the ball out and then pound it out on the ground.

The problem Florida is going to run into is their lack of a running game, where they will then have to depend on Leak. First, Leak does crumble under pressure, that's his knock both in the SEC and across the nation. Second, Leak can manage a game decent enough when UF's defense keeps them in the game, but he's gonna have to put up some major points for the Gators to have a shot.

Can Florida win? Yes, of course they can. But they will need Ohio State to collapse and Leak to play the game of his life. The real guy to worry about his Harvin in my opinion, both as a receiver and running back.

Henry Gomez said...

While Florida doesn't rush for as many yards as the Bucks (160/game vs. 180) it's hardly correct to say the Gators don't have a running game. It's just not a traditional running game.

And as for Leak crumbling under pressure the stats don't bear that out. Of all the QBs the Gators have ever had with more than 500 attempts he has the lowest interception percentage.

Come from behind wins against several teams this year also disprove that allegation.

We shall see. I could very well argue that sure Troy and OSU look great. They've played a bunch of patsies and haven't really been tested except by Michigan which finished the game closer than all the action on the field would seem to indicate.