Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hey OSU - come to Glendale just like you did to Gainesville

As I sit here writing this I am still basking in Florida’s dominating win over the Buckeyes in Hoops. I got to see it live, and let me tell you - the O’Dome was rocking.

My commentary is not game related - rather, it relates to some pre-game observations. I spent my pre-game time at a local bar-restaurant called "The Swamp" (any Gator of recent vintage knows it). In the hours leading up to the game, there was a fairly large contingent of Ohio State fans there.

To their credit, they were indeed "there", whether they traveled to Gainesville, or whether they where local folks who were fans.

To their embarrassment, they were generally behaving like fools - preening, boasting, talking trash, and repeating over and over again what might be the most inane back and forth chant I have ever heard.

It goes like this -

First Buckeye fan to crowd - "O-H".

Crowd response - "I-O".

Believe me, when you hear it over and over, it becomes terribly annoying, but annoying in a pitiful type of way. Good thing the state only has four letters. I’m not sure this group could have handled much more. (As an aside, after a bit, it starts to sound like that nursery rhyme - "E - I - E - I -O!")

One rather large Buckeye fan in particular was making himself well known. He was taunting the wait staff, yelling at people walking past, and telling anyone who would listen how the Buckeyes were going to beat the Gators twice.

Notably, none of these folks were present post game.

Please Ohio State fans, please.

Come to Glendale just like you did to Gainesville.


POJO_Risin said...

Yes, because you know how much the fans, before a game, in a restaurant, take part in the final outcome of a game.

Mike said...

Rest assured, the Buckeyes will go to Glendale, to the tune of 300K. Let it be known the largest Ohio State alumni chapter resides in the state of Arizona and we filled the stadium to the tune of 80/20 against Miami. Granted, Flroida travels better than Miami (hell, anyone does) but I challenge Gator Nation to make their presence known in the face of what is sure to be a pro-Buckeyes throng. We own the Fiesta Bowl, whether it's in Tempe or Glendale. Don't forget it.

Henry Gomez said...


I have to respectfully call bullshit on that 300k number. According to OSU's own web site the school has 400,000 or so living alumni. And 3/4 of your living alums aren't coming to this game.

Miami is small private school with an enrollment of 15,000 while UF has an enrollment about the same size as OSU (50,000). Our alumni base isn't as large because we haven't been as big for as long as OSU but it's still over 200,000.

The primary reason OSU will outnumber Florida at the game is because you knew 2 weeks before florida fans that OSU would be participating in this game.

Either way you are going to gave to winit on the field, not in the stands. There will be enough of us to make a lot of noise. It's not going to be a home game for OSU.

Mike said...

Relax Henry, my 300K estimate was not related to alumni, it's the number of Ohio State fans in general that were reported to be in the Tempe area in 2003 when we beat Miami. Having the largest OSU alumni contingent in the area helps that number but does not make up the entire total that was estimated.

The point is, we travel well and will severely outnumber the Florida faithful whether we had a head start or not.

What's funny is UF is having their pregame "pep rally" in Gainesville. OSU is having theirs in Arizona. Like I said, we own the place...

Henry Gomez said...

Actually UF is a having a pep rally on the day before the game in Scottsdale:


Mike said...

Scottsdale? What's the matter, couldn't book a place down I-10 in Buckeye, AZ?

I am telling you, we own the place.

Henry Gomez said...


You can own it, we live in Florida, remember?

We only plan on leasing it for a few days.

Mike said...

Relax, I was kidding. Buckeye, AZ... get it?

I actually live in Florida, too, unfortunately. :)