Wednesday, December 27, 2006

F#(% You ESPN

Just got my latest copy of ESPN the Magazine and inside there's a great article about Jarvis Moss, the Gators defensive end who began to lose weight and stamina and didn't know what was causing it. Ron Zook of course didn't take an interest in it and Moss was the forgotten man. When Meyer got to a Florida, a tearful Moss explained his situation and Meyer promised that the Florida medical staff would figure it out. Turns out Moss had a pelvic infection, the result of a cortisone shot he got in High School. Today Jarvis Moss is a legit NFL prospect as a junior and is responsible for the game winning block field goal against South Carolina.

So why am I mad at ESPN? In the same issue, they have 100 greatest sports stories of 2006 and guess what comes in at number 44?

Campaign Coach
In college football's game of the year, on Nov. 18, No 1 Ohio State edged No 2 Michigan 42-39, igniting the annual BCS bonfire: with Maize-and-Blue fans crying rematch and lots of other folks saying no way. Among the latter was Florida coach Urban Meyer, who started his monthlong pitch for votes early and repeated it often.

Nov. 4 "I think a team making it through the SEC with one loss is as good as any team probably in America."

Nov. 16 "The more I think about it... I think we take the top eight, go play a mini-tournament and see who wins."

Nov. 19 "A rematch would be unfair to Ohio State, and it would be unfair to the country. How do you tell Ohio State they have to go beat the same team twice? They [Michigan] had their chance."

Dec. 2 "We deserve a shot. I think the country wants to see the SEC Champion against the Big 10 Champion."

Dec. 3 "It's well deserved, and I'm proud of it." [After learning that UF would play OSU for the national title.]
Is this really the 44th greatest sports story of 2006? First of all, all of the above statements were made in response to questions from the media. We kill these guys when they give the vanilla, politically correct answers and then we crucify them when they speak their minds. Anyone that says they wouldn't have campaigned in the same situation is a fucking liar. Lloyd Carr is a fucking hypocrite because he complained about Meyer's campaigning when he himself campaigned: "I hope the voters don't forget about Michigan."


JJ Gator said...

Good post.

Lloyd Carr, in his "campaigning" and tirades after the BCS Selection Show, is cutting off his nose to spite his face when he knocked Meyer for sticking up for the Gators.

Hey, Meatchicken had their chance and lost. there's no use crying over spilled milk, but the way some of their crybaby fans are carrying on they're acting like a bunch of little whiny kids.

As for moRon Zook, I refuse to buy into the "he put all his heart into UF football" shit the spologists preach. If he did, then why did he ignore Jarvis Moss when he obviously had something nedically wrong with him? This tells me Zook played favorites among his players; I also read where he damn near ran Eric Wilbur off. Other players wanted to transfer as well.

"Zook was such a nice man"? BULLSHIT.

As far as Meatchicken goes, they need to get over it. And I hope USC beats the living shit out of them in the Rose Bowl, too.

San_Fran_Gator_Jim said...

Is that you GatorBearGirl?